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Happy New Year!!! It’s a new year which means for most a new beginning, or a fresh new look.
One of the most popular looks to create are different hair cutting styles. When choosing a different cutting style its ideal to consider your facial shape along with the level of maintenance required.

There are 7 basic facial shapes that will help you to determine the right cut for you. They are as follows:

This face shape is longer and not as wide with a jawline that is slimmer than the cheekbones. With the oval face shape you can wear just about any style long, medium, or short be creative and fun.




This face shape identifies by a wide hairline and fuller below the cheekbones. With a round face longer hair that lengthens the face would be ideal.


This face shape identifies by a wide hair line and jawline. Deep side parts, a soft bang, and texture would be ideal to help balance the square face shape.


This face shape identifies by a slim chin and forehead with wide cheekbones. A bob would be ideal for this facial shape.


This face shape identifies by a wider forehead and slimmer chin. Just by adding a side wept bang to your style helps in disguising the width of the forehead


This face shape identifies by a slim forehead and larger jawline. Longer styles would work best for this facial shape.


This face shape has a very long and slim bone structure. Shorter hair works best for this face shape.



Lastly when choosing a new hair cut take in consideration the maintenance that is required. Still choose according to your facial shape but be smart about how much maintenance you can handle in your daily life style. Refer to your stylist about the best maintenance plan for your individual needs.  Contact me today to discuss your hair style needs.

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With it being the month for children to return back to school I feel it’s best to inform parents on the health of their child’s hair.

My first recommendation is to never relax or chemically treat a child’s hair that has NOT gone through puberty. With all the changes a child’s hair goes through before puberty relaxing or chemically treating their hair can cause loss of hair and breakage along with chemical burns. If loss of hair and breakage occurs I suggest biweekly conditioning treatments along with letting the child’s hair grow back out in its natural curl pattern.

Hair Breakage and loss


Secondly, is to limit the amount of hair extensions being installed into your child’s head under the ages 13/14. In most cases and if not done properly can cause Traction Alopecia. Traction Alopecia is a form of Alopecia or gradual hair loss caused primarily by pulling force being applied to the hair. This also can be the cause by wearing ponytails and braids too tight. If and a big if your child has to wear hair extensions, braids, or ponytails try not to pull too tight. Make sure that there is still some kind of movement between their scalp, extension, braids or ponytails.


Figure 1


Thirdly, make sure you schedule a trim every 6-10 weeks to keep their hair from splitting. Also invest in a good Shampoo, Conditioner and moisturizer that works best for your child’s hair such as Design Essentials and Moroccan Oil. Both are great products.

Contact me with any questions regarding your child’s hair care needs and back to school specials.

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Healthy hair in a simple definition is hair that is strong yet soft with an abundance of shine.

Having healthy hair starts with having a healthy scalp and the food that you put in your body. Please refer to the link provided for an idea of excellent food sources.

Additionally, water is excellent for the health of your scalp and hair. The more water you drink the healthier and more moisturized your hair, scalp and body will be. In return you will use less unnecessary hair product. Ideally drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day will achieve this.

The next step would be to properly shampoo and condition your hair whether natural (free of any chemicals) or chemically treated. Now I know there are a lot of natural hair gurus out there who feel they know more about what makes natural hair healthy and choose not to properly shampoo their hair. As a professional who has studied and continues to study about the health of hair I’m telling you, you are damaging your hair! Natural hair cannot be properly taken care of by co washing (conditioning) your hair more than shampooing. With co washing you’re basically deep conditioning your hair more than needed. Then you could possibly run into over conditioning your hair which will end up developing a residue which will dry your hair out. Eventually your hair will begin to shed excessively and that’s when breakage will start.

For those who are chemically treated you will need to do more conditioning treatments. I would suggest deep moisturizing treatments, but no more than 20 minutes every 2 weeks. What this will do is keep your hair moisturized and it will slow down the amount of excessive shedding. Normal shedding will happen on a daily basis for everyone (male or female) which is between 50-100 strands per day.

Lastly I can’t express enough that getting your tresses trimmed regularly is a must! You cannot expect for your hair to be healthy by trimming once or twice a year. It doesn’t matter whether you use a lot of heat, don’t use heat, are natural or chemically treated. The longer you go without trims the more frayed and thin your hair will be. So basically without trimming regularly your hair will continue to split up the hair shaft until eventually you experience breakage. I recommend trimming every 6-10 weeks.

If you’d like more information regarding your tresses please email me, I will be glad to help in any way possible.

Striving to enhance your inner beauty externally! -Nikki